Ten person minimum. Please give us at least two hours notice.


Meat and Cheese Platter 8.25
A selection of roast turkey, ham, grilled London Broil, Swiss, Havarti, lettuce, tomato, assortedbreads and rolls, condiments. Accompanied by pasta or potato salad, slaw or fruit salad.

Assorted Homemade Salad Platter 8.25
A selection of Maria’s popular homemade chicken salad, caper tuna salad, baby bliss potato salad or pasta salad of the day. Served with assorted breads and rolls. Accompanied by fresh fruit salad.


Miniature Wrap Platters

Asian Salmon    18.00 doz.

Chicken Salad     14.00 doz.

Rare beef and pickled veggies     18.00 doz.

White bean, mushroom, and rosemary     14.00 doz.

Hummus and vegetables     14.00 doz.