Minimum Two Day Notice Required.

Ten Person Minimum Per Entree unless approved by Maria.



Chicken Pot Pie    7.50 pp

All white meat, homemade gravy, peas and carrots


Cordon Bleu Casserole    7.50 pp

All white meat chicken, ham, and bread in cheesy sauce


Pesto Chicken    8.00 pp

Grilled Chicken over Five Grain Pilaf with Artichoke Wine Sauce


Chicken Florentine    8.00 pp

All white meat chicken over linguini noodles with creamy spinach sauce


Chicken Tetrazzini    8.00 pp

All white meat chicken in a light cream sauce with mushrooms, carrots, celery, and peas over angel hair pasta


California Chicken    8.00 pp

All white meat chicken in shallot, tarragon, cream sauce with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes over orzo


Chicken Broccoli Alfredo    8.00 pp

Creamy rendition on linguini


Chicken Marsala    8.00 pp

All white meat chicken in caramelized onion, mushroom, and white wine sauce over orzo


Chicken Parmesan    8.50 pp

Boneless chicken breast fried with parmesan crust on penne pasta with marinara sauce


Chicken Piccata    8.50 pp

All white meat chicken in sherry, caper, tomato sauce over orzo


Stuffed Chicken    9.00 pp

Boneless chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta over orzo with lemon wine sauce


Mediterranean Chicken    9.00 pp

Chicken breast served with grilled artichokes, red peppers, olives and roasted garlic with an herb-lemon wine, olive oil sauce, topped with feta cheese over orzo


Thai Hot Pot    8.00 pp

Chicken, veggies in lite curry, coconut milk broth over angel hair pasta


White Bean Mushroom Cakes    7.00 pp

With vegetarian gravy over rice pilaf


Vegetarian Lasagna 1    6.50 pp

Roasted and grilled vegetables in white sauce or traditional marinara sauce


Vegetarian Lasagna 2    6.50 pp

With artichoke, mushroom and spinach


Linguine & Grilled Veggies    7.00 pp

Tossed with four-cheese sauce


Vegetable California    7.00 pp

Grilled vegetables over orzo pasta in rich sun-dried tomato, artichoke, tarragon cream sauce

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie    6.50 pp


Black Bean Sweet Potato Cakes    6.50 pp

Served over rice and corn with roasted red pepper sauce


Eggplant Parmesan    6.50 pp

Slices of eggplant with parmesan herb crust on bed of linguini with  pesto marinara


Shrimp and Grits    9.00 pp

Served with rich gravy over cheese grits and spicy sausage


Parmesan Shrimp Cakes    9.00 pp

Handmade shrimp cakes over orzo topped with a caper white wine sauce


Shrimp Sauté    10.50 pp

Served with tomatoes, artichokes and red peppers in a lemon pesto wine sauce over orzo


Horseradish Crusted Salmon    10.50 pp

Served over mashed potatoes


Roasted Salmon Filet    10.00 pp

Served on a succotash of corn, lima beans, red pepper, white and sweet potatoes, tomato, celery, onion and cream


Stuffed Salmon 1    10.50 pp

Stuffed with herb goat cheese with seasonal fruit relish over rice pilaf


Stuffed Salmon 2    13.00 pp

Stuffed with herb goat cheese with blueberry balsamic glaze over rice pilaf


Ginger Roasted Salmon    13.00 pp

Presented on rice pilaf


Seafood Gumbo    9.00 pp

Handcrafted with shrimp, chicken and sausage, served with dirty rice

Beef and Pork

Homemade Beef Lasagna    6.50 pp


Beef Bordelaise    9.00 pp

Served with a rich mushroom, bacon and red wine sauce with garlic mashed potatoes 


Spaghetti and Meatballs    8.00 pp

Meatballs made in-house


Chopped steak    8.00 pp    

Topped with melted cheese, grilled onions, and red peppers served with roasted potatoes and brown gravy


Beef Stroganoff    8.50 pp

Served over egg noodles


Roasted Beef Tips    10.00 pp

Served with caramelized onions, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and masala wine sauce on egg noodles


Slow roasted eye of round    9.00 pp

Served with wild mushroom and fresh herb sauce served with mashed potatoes


Sliced Beef Tenderloin    Market Price

Served with a 3 peppercorn cognac cream sauce served with mashed new potatoes, sour cream and chives


Beef Tips California Style    9.00 pp

Beef tips with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes and coarse grain mustard brown sauce over egg noodles


Grilled Beef Tips    9.00 pp

Coated with cracked black pepper, served with a sun-dried tomato and wine sauce with mashed potatoes


Grilled Smoked Pork Tenderloin    10.50 pp

Served with a home-made ginger fruit chutney over sweet and white mashed potatoes


Pork Loin    9.50 pp    

Stuffed with apple chutney served with creamy cheddar polenta


Steamship Round of Beef    8.00 pp
Steamship round carved with your choice of starch (80 person minim